awaken | day 21

Fasting Item: TechnologyDaily Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 23
David was faced with tough decisions that would impact himself, his soldiers and the nation of Israel. Instead of relying on his own strength and intelligence, David repeatedly gave God his undivided attention and asked him what he should do. Because he obeyed, God gave them all victory!You too will be faced with difficult decisions this year. Will this be a year of victory or defeat for you? Seek Jesus with all of your heart, mind, soul. and strength. Obeying His voice will make all the difference.

awaken | day 20

Fasting Item : Technology, meats, sweets, & junk foodDaily Scripture Reading : Mark 9
Why did Jesus only take 3 of the disciples up to the mountain? Maybe it's because we give more access to those we're the most connected to. Being close to God doesn't have to happen just during AWAKEN. Keep it going the next 21 days by making prayer, fasting, and devotions a regular part of your life. Get alone with God. Disconnect every now and then from your phone and other distractions and you'll find that being close to God can be something you experience everyday.


awaken | day 19

Fasting Item : Technology, meat, sweets, & junk foodDaily Bible Reading : 1 Samuel 22
Even as David is running for his life, he takes time to help Abiathar. He didn't get so caught up in his own problems that he didn't care about anything else. Sometimes in our own struggles, we just can't find the strength to help others. But it's hard times that we can find a strength to help others. But it's in those hard times that we can find a strength we never knew we had. Are you going through something that God could use to help someone else? Or have you been hurting on your own when you could be reaching out for help? Remember, God didn't intend for us to do life alone. Ask Him to show you ways you could be linking arms with others.


awaken | day 18

Fasting Item : Meats, sweets, & junk foodDaily Scripture Reading : 1 Samuel 21
David and his men had been on a long journey, were no doubt super hungry, and needed something fast. They were so desperate that they resorted to easting the holy bread in the temple that was for the priests. This is a great picture of God's mercy and grace because God met their need by giving them access to a special kind of bread. Though you may be really hungry right now like David and His men were, remember that we, too, have favor in God's eyes and Jesus has given us access to a better bread (Matt 4:4)! God's Word is like food for our souls. If you can, spend some extra time filling up in God's Word today.


awaken | day 17

Fasting Item : Sweets & junk foodDaily Scripture Reading : Mark 8
Even though the disciples had seen Jesus work miracles before, they didn't believe he could ever do them again. It was as though they simply forgot! But Jesus' work was never about the miracle - it was surrendering every care to Him and trusting His ability. This is a key to keeping our faith alive. So how do we keep from responding the way the disciples did? No matter what your situation, surrender every care to God. His amazing miracle-working power is still alive today if we will just release our burden to Him. He will supply above and beyond what you need.What are you holding onto that you can surrender to God today? In your prayer time, release every care you have to the Lord and believe He will take care of it.

awaken | day 15

Fasting Item : Video Games & TVDaily Scripture Reading : 1 Samuel 20
True friendships can be a powerful thing. When we are surrounded but friends, who truly love Jesus, they will encourage us, watch out for us, and point us to God's best. No doubt, we will all come up against some tough times when we will need good friends to support us. But we have to be careful to choose our closest friends - the ones that we truly do life with. Think about the friends closest to you. Are they spiritually strong people? If not, who could you position yourself closer to? Also, think about what kind of friend you are to others. Resolve to be the kind of friend that encourages and challenges others to chase after God.


awaken | day 16

Fasting Item : Fast food, sweets, & junk foodDaily Scripture Reading : 1 Samuel 19
David was treated unfairly most of the time due to jealousy. But he never acted out in vengeance, or became bitter from it. Even while it meant he had to run for his life at times, David stayed faithful to God. Have you ever been treated unfairly? Are there situations you face on a regular basis that seem unfair or unjust? Even if you could be justified in your actions, resolve today that you're not going to go there. Ask God to give you the patience and strength to respond in the right way.